How good is being “Good”??

I remember reading two quotes some years back, one by Abraham Lincoln and another by our very own Narayana Murthy. And somehow they stuck in my mind. But it was only recently that the meaning and importance of it all came clear to me.

Lincoln said- “No honest man can be everything to everybody.”

Narayana Murthy had remarked- “There is no need to be good every time. You just have to be fair.”

Some real words of wisdom these. And it was the recent series of events that made me realize the true importance of these words. I have tried to be good to almost all my friends and those close to me. I have put in extra efforts on my part to keep the relationship going. This is just what I feel and need not be the other side of the story.

Anyways, continuing, not every body deserves being treated specially. Or so I have learnt the hard way. The same people, whom you had treated kindly and favourably, use you and turn their heads away when the time to return the favour arises. Every one expects others to understand them, but the same guys won’t give a damn about understanding others. But in this selfish and mean world, there is no space for emotions. It’s a mad rush for success and money. Every one wants to win and to them “ethics and ethos” are the “armour of the meek”.

I do not demand much from people around me, just one thing – Integrity. But it’s hard to come across such men these days. Maybe that’s why I find myself a lone figure even in a crowd.

When I try to be good to others, I stop being honest to “myself”. Hence I prove Lincoln right.

I guess Narayana Murthy’s wisdom will have to bail me out.

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Abhishek Sharma said...

Dost: that's the way life is. just one advice: you may not always expect return-favours from your friends!! :)