The importance of “Ditch”

If you are acquainted with IITB lingo, you might know the importance of “ditch”. If not let me try and explain. It's kind of tough but still I 'll try. If you want to say no to something, just say “ditch” or if if some one is bugging you, you just say “ditch naa yaar”. The meaning and the way we use it demands a page of its own. So lets “ditch” that and come to the real thing.

I have a theory which goes such that “ditch” is the ultimate answer to every question in the world. Somebody asks you something tricky, there's a tough job at hand, classes to attend, just say, think and believe “ditch” and then lay back and have a good time.

So one day me and Deva were coming back from Mocha and suddenly aboard the auto rickshaw we realised that we did not have enough money left for the whole journey. So just as the meter read 15 we got down for a stroll back to the hostel. We still had a long way to go. So I started explaining to him my Theory of Ditch. We were having a nice laugh about the whole issue when I suggested why not we write an article on it. And then we had a lengthy and hearty discussion about it. We were deciding up on the details of the article and how relevant it might seem to all those IITians reading it.

But then suddenly it crept in our minds..
“What the heck. Chal DITCH!!!”

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