Life’s Calling

I am a non believer. But if at all my epitaph were to be written, I would want it to be just one simple phrase- “A life well lived”. But then what is life? What is “well lived”? Tricky questions these, the answers not all that obvious.

Our life comprises of many things- work, emotions, relationships, fun and enjoyment. Every time I have hearty conversation with my father regarding this he always says “We have only a lifetime, and nature wants us to enjoy our lives to the fullest”. But then enjoyment has its own parameters like pleasure, happiness and joy. And each is important. See, more I try to untangle the mystery of life more complicated it gets.

Work is one of the most important aspects of life. And to enjoy life truly, we need to find a job (profession, whatever) that we truly love. That makes work fun and enjoyable. We can say that to be truly happy, we need to find our “life’s calling”- a job which we know we were born for, a work which becomes more than “just another job”, something which becomes our passion.

I have seen people who have found out their Life’s Call. And, just by looking at them, I can see the difference. They have a sense of calm, serenity and delight around them. Joy exuberates. And the best thing is that each one of us has our own “Life’s call”.

Talking of me, I have had many things that I have been fascinated with. But coming to profession, I am studying (!) to be a Mechanical Engineer. But I have my doubts. Do I really want to live my life as a mechanical engineer? I mean, will I be happy designing engines, or cars, or producing goods on the assembly line? I have no idea. And the worst part is that, such images do not stir any emotions in me. They simply fail to inspire me.

Then I have dabbled in photography. Mostly nature, some abstract some general. Basically I have had fun with it, and I really like doing it. And believe me, I find the idea of travel photographer’s life more fascinating than that of an engineer’s. But on a deeper thought, it is just a fascination. And no fascination lasts a life time. I have to be honest. None does. If I make it my profession I will lose interest in days. But then, while talking of Life, one got to be serious.

Then there are these simple things which I like. One of them is music. But honestly speaking I am not good enough at it to make something out of it. Travel and adventure fascinate me the most. The idea of exploring foreign land, meeting new people, falling in love with cities, trying their cuisine and most importantly studying their culture is just great. No matter what, my dream job will always be “the host of the Discovery show – Globe Trekker / Lonely Planet”. What a life man - you get paid to trot around the world, eat at exotic places, and buy stuff and what not. Even if I do not get paid for it, I would love to backpack all around the world.

And then there is the weirdest of them all - Psychology. I am not just interested but mad about trying to understand how the human mind works. Had I studied to be a doctor I would have taken nothing else but Psychiatry for my masters. Human mind is the most complex of all things, the field explored the least. To study psychology, I would like to start with child psychology. I have this feeling that if we try to understand how a child’s mind develops from a baby to a kid to an adolescent and then finally an adult, we could get most answers we look for in psychology. After all, all of us are born with just some simple but pure emotions – love and a sense of security. Most of the other emotions are acquired by us as we grow. I love to just observe people, for hours, like a non existent person and try to understand his actions, and expressions. Then I like to formulate an idea as to how the person will be. I have my own methods which have no reason. But many times my predictions about the person turn out true. Or it could be my fallacy – the mind is a mystery you see.

Talking of psychology, I had to touch upon Philosophy as well. I am philosopher in my own right. I love to drool over topics for hours and develop theories accordingly. But then it’s just to answer my own curiosity, in my own way, based on my own beliefs and imagination.

All seems so confusing and more I think about it, more vivid my future seems to me. Yet, despite all these I know what my Life’s call is.

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