A Passion for Photography...

I have always cherished the dream of Nature and Travel Photography.

Out in the woods or in the mountains looking for deers, monkeys, or if lucky even the Royal Bengal Tiger. This certainly gives me the thrill found no where else. Or even the sun, setting over the sea, or just rising as seen from the Hilltop in our beautiful campus. Even flowers, when taken in a close up, can say a lot and stir our senses. This to me is just the begining and a passion of a life time.

Well, photography needs a camera and this is where I have been pretty lucky. Started with a Yashika point and shoot camera as a kid, Dad gifted me a Nikon SLR F50 on my passing out from school. And that is the best gift I ever got, not a camera but Passion of a lifetime. Thank you Papa.

And then, the icing on the cake. I got a Sony Digicam. It’s a fun camera which incidentally takes good photos too..

And recently I added a extension lens to my Nikon camera and a carry case too. Next on the line is a Tripod stand which is a must for every photographer. Then may be I’ll proceed on to get filters for shading effects etc….
I would like to learn Adobe Photoshop sometime and Suyog has promised to teach me that.

Whenever I write, I have a trouble finding the perfect ending. And it has cropped up here again. So all I can say is that, if you are a beautiful girl, meet me and I wouldn’t mind shifting from Nature Photography to Girls.

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