Theory of Bitch...

After the “Theory of Ditch” comes the “Theory of Bitch”. Though conceived ages back I never thought I should document it, owing to the volatile content. If I ever get caught I will be thrashed to death by the female of the species but I guess the “Theory” is worth it.

The origins of the thought are untraceable now. It has not been tested personally but is based mostly on worldly wisdom and the experience of others as well. It states that – “There are two types of girls in this world – Bitches and Sexy Bitches. “

I won’t elucidate any more. I believe that the statement is self explanatory. There is a corollary to the theory as well, only for the guys though – “Just get the sexy ones.”

The theory will be verified by almost every guy in this world and every honest girl as well. Regarding the corollary, every guy wants just that.

P.S. @ Girls- No hard feelings yaa….

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