Is there anything as “Free Will” or is it one great illusion? Whom can you call a “free spirit”?

What is freedom of mind? What is freedom? What is mind?

Profound questions these, the answers not so obvious.

The modern word ‘free’ comes from the Old English word frēo. This word is connected with frēon which in Old English means ‘to love’ as well as frēond which means a person whom one loves, that is a friend or lover. To many a great philosophers, freedom implies love. One of the ways Freedom can be interpreted is “Freedom is a state and quality of mind.” Freedom is a state of bliss. It is a state of mind of the highest quality.

One of the greatest illusions of freedom is thinking that we are free if we have the power of choice. Equating the power of choice with freedom is a mistake very easy to make. Isn’t the option of choosing from given options a limitation into itself? How can there be freedom, total freedom of mind, when our choices/actions are restrained by the guidelines and ideas not entirely our own. Most of our actions are just a manifestation of “what we should be doing” or “what is accepted as the right thing to do”.

Let us take a simple example – attending lectures in morning. A student’s choice is limited to either attending the lecture or not attending it. It may seem he is free to make his decision. But the repercussions of not attending are so great he is compelled to wake up and sit through it though only half-awake. So the apparent idea that we are free to make our choices is not really freedom.

But the issue of freedom doesn’t apply just to simple choices. Given any situation, we think based on the information we already have, the knowledge that we possess and act based on what we (or the society) think we should do. In other words our choices are limited by our memory, social customs and the preconditioning of mind. A certain St. Augustine very poignantly said of his instruction, “Give me a boy from his birth until he is seven, and I will have him for the rest of his life.” For such a boy with such an upbringing, what can it possibly mean to say he chooses to be a Christian, or chooses to pray? Same is the case with any Islamic fundamentalist, who has been programmed into believing that they are fighting for freedom and a higher cause. What freedom is he fighting for when his mind itself is enslaved by a single thought – an idea not his own?

Can there be absolute freedom? Is any decision ever made which is free of bias? There are decisions which we perceive as our free decisions. Are they really free or are they guided by forces which we are not even are of? How significant are factors like memory, preconditioning, peer pressure, expectations, social structure etc in our actions and decisions?

Are there any free answers to these questions? Answers which are not guided by any of the above factors?

Another aspect of freedom is fear. Or rather fear is the opposite of freedom. We are afraid of death, we are afraid of what the future might unfold, we are afraid of our past and so much more. What more, fear breeds fear. In short fear kills freedom.
Why do people worry about future when it is all uncertain?
One thing which we are afraid of, without even being aware of it, is the past. We ponder over it, lament over the missed opportunities and cause ourselves pain. We are chained to our own past. Past is but a memory. Past is just a ghost… Unless and until we let go our past, we will never be able to break free of the shackles of our own memories.

People are afraid of death. Even people who want to go to heaven do not want to die to go there. What is it about death that scares us so much? Why do we fail to realize that that death is the single greatest tool of evolution? Why be afraid of nature’s second greatest invention (first being life itself)? Maybe, the only thought that can help get over the fear of death is that “death is inevitable.” Nothing can change that. The best we can do is embracing this Fact and Living each day the best we can.

It is tough to find someone who is absolutely free of fear; someone who has broken free of any and all kind of preconditioning. Even if they were to tell us what “absolute freedom” meant, we won’t understand it or even appreciate it. Freedom is an experience; it is a state of mind – of the highest quality. A free mind is in the state of bliss. A free mind can experience joy as none other.
Ironically though, being free is a choice. Anyone can choose to be free.


That’s an individual quest, the rewards of which are more than what we can ever imagine.

It's OKAY, Sport....

No night out here at IIT Bombay is complete without a trip to Maddu Mess. The early risers could give it a try too but that would be like breaking the tradition, wont it bros? Located in some dingy lanes near the Y Point gate, it’s not easy to locate it. But after three years of night outs I could sleep walk to the smell of “daal wadas and mendu wadas”. But the prized and the most coveted dish is the “onion anda dosa”. A couple of those could be a full meal. I prefer to wind up with a cup of freshly brewed kapi (south Indian coffee). The high point though is that all this and much more can be had in less than 40 bucks.

It is a small place run by a simple, unassuming family. The husband generally makes the coffee and the wadas etc. And auntie makes the dosas. Their son John generally does the serving and stuff… You might be wondering how I know his name. Well sometimes I do wander off to the IIT football ground on weekends and there he is, playing his brand of football. He easily is the best defender I have ever played against. That I prefer to play forward makes things all the more difficult for me. He has amazing control over the ball and can dribble with easy. And when he does take the ball ahead, he ends up either scoring or assisting. And yes I am not over emphasizing. I just don’t even compare to him.

Sitting in the crowded table of Maddu Mess, I cannot stop wondering why is this amazing footballer serving dishes and cleaning up the tables. He should have been playing with some club or more. A player of his skills could have easily made it. As it is evident he did not have a family which could back him. And there aren’t many successes in the game to have given him any hope to even take a shot at professional football. And now he is destined to a life of a Nobody. It is a story of what could have been and what is.

But why? Why is any sport other than cricket just not a route to success? Why do we obsess about players who either end up betting on the game or else losing it? Why do we as a nation waste nine hours over a game in which we end up seeing Amitabh Bachchan more number of times than the number of overs?

Have we ever wondered that in a nation of more than a billion and counting, we have just a few sportsmen of world class? Why is that the second most populated country in the world goes mad at winning just any medal at the Olympics while our neighbor China aims at winning the Olympics? Why do we go gaga over a Sania Mirza even when she has never broken into top 20 or gone past the second round of any major tournament? Do we, as a nation, lack pride and self-respect or do we accept mediocrity as the maximum attainable standard?

Though these all are true in some way or the other, the single greatest reason we have absolutely no standing in World Sports is that we look down upon sports as a profession. Any one who has tried playing more than than the quota of time allocated by parents must have definitely heard the phrase "Kheloge koodoge to barbaad ho jaooge". Sports just isn't an option if you want to survive in this world, or so is the mindset in our beloved country.

The lack of proper support and infrastructure has deprived our country of the Zidanes and Rivaldos. We all must be familiar with what Zidane did for the Algerian community in France. Not only did he excel in his sport and won the world cup for his country but he brought recognition to his community and hence opening up the gates for recognition and equality for the Algerians. Rivaldo was born to so poor a family, he spent all his childhood as a malnutritioned boy. His legs arched because of that. That those very arched legs helped him hit awkwardly amazing shots is a different story. Had it not been for football, he could very well have been begging on the streets. And these two aren't some stand alone figures. The world of sports if filled with them.

No support and no hope (because of the lack of Heroes) hasn't helped any of the budding or aspiring sportsmen. We are such a diverse nation with ample of diversity. We could find pools of talent for each sport if only we bothers to search and nourish them. We still have tribes which hunt using bow and arrows. should it be impossible to find a world champion amongst those? Our army has one of the best shooters in the world. Why not make them win a few Olympic medals for us? Its only a matter of looking for the right person at the right place and grooming him/her. One successfull sportsman can turn around his fortune and of those around him. And give hope of salvation from a life of mediocrity to a million more.

I sometimes cannot but wonder why do we always have to wish about the things that could have been, let a sigh and let it go?

As I sigh again, the clock ticks five and a couple of "onion anda dosas" beckon...


What or who is God? What is his importance? Why did he create this world? If not he/she, then who? Is he the Supreme? Or is he just a belief? Is he just an imagination of the mortal human mind?

When put with the same question I would answer as God is the single greatest creation of the man; a very wise one at that. What better way to control the lesser mortals than the fear of a supreme power who created the world and is keeping a constant vigil; that every wrong deed had to be answered in the court of God. What better support for a man than God? That God will guide through the tough times. That he stands by us through thick and thin. What better way to explain death than to say God needed him/her? God is the answer to everything that this mortal mind and science cannot explain.

Looking at this then from the wise mans perspective; God is FAITH in powers higher than our own. God is just a belief. He exists only in our mind. What then is the need for God? Why not have faith on ourselves instead of looking it elsewhere? Why not accept death as an act of nature - the single best tool of evolution? Why not be conscious of the right and wrong? Why look for sanctification of every one of our deeds? Why not have an unshakeable value system instead?

Well that leaves us with a clear answer. God is just a belief, the strongest one. But the wise man needs his divine presence to keep order in this world of chaos.

One question remains unanswered still – who created this world and this beautiful thing called Life? Most definitely not man or his imagination. Science might answer the formation of the universe. But the creation of Life still remains a mystery – both to the scientists and the philosophers. This is the only reason I cannot deny the existence of God.

Kuch Bachkane Sawal...

Kabhi bachpan mein kisi hum-umar ko bheekh maangte dekha tha. Dil mein tab bas ek hi baat uthi thi – “Uski jagah main hota to kya hota? Uski jagah main kyon nahi? Agar main apne ghar paida nahi hua hota to shayad main hi inki jagah ho sakta tha. Paida to sab ek se masoom hi hote hain. Phir kisi ke haath mein chocolate to kisi ke haath mein katora kyon hai? ” Yeh sawal chahe jitne hi bachkane ho, inka ‘satisfactory’jawab shayad hi koi de payega. Shayad ‘philosophers’ bhi nahi. Kya pata woh in sawalon ka jawab dhondhte dhoondte hi ‘philosopher’ bane ho.

In sawalon ka jawab to tab mila nahi. Kabhi kisi se poocha bhi nahi. Bade hue aur thodi duniya dekhi to ise duniya ka dastoor samajhne lage. Logon ne bhi kuch aisa hi keh kar tal diya. Lekin man shant naa hua. Bachpan ke un sawalon ne mere ‘innocent mind’ pe ek ‘permanent’ chaap chodi thi. Shayad inhi sawalon ka jawab dhoondte dhoondte har bachcha duniya ko badalne aur acha banane ka sapna dekhta hai. Bachpan mein to har cheez khoobsoorat hi hoti hai. Duniya bhi utni hi khoobsoorat kyon naa ho? Aakhir wo to hum sab ka ghar hai. Har masoom ke man mein ek naa ek baar yeh khayal to aata hi hoga. Bade hone pe kuch log is naadan sapne se bahar nikal jaate hain. Soocha jaye to woh apni ‘sensitivity’ ko dil mein kahin door chupa dete hain.

Kuch log in sapnon mein hi kahin kaid ho ke reh jaate hai.

Sapne dekhna kab bura hota hai. Yeh hamare sapne hi to hain jo humen is duniya se door apni ek 'perfect world' mein le jaa, pal bhar ki hi sahi, anokhi khushi dete hain. Lekin jab sapna duniya ke dastoor ko badalne ka ho to sirf hamari khushi nahi judi us sapne ke saath. Logon ne pehle bhi koshish to ki hogi hi. Akhir hum duniya ke pehle 'dreamer' to hain nahi. Lekin duniya chodo, apne aap ko hi badal paana aasan kaam nahi. Sach to yahi hai ki duniya ko badalne ka pehla kadam apne aap ko us roop mein dhaalna hai jo is 'seemingly unassailable' kaam ko karne ke kaabil ho, jo us-se judi izzat ko ‘deserve’ karta ho.

Dil mein jhaank ke dekhun to maine pehla kadam abhi rakha bhi nahi. Kaise rakhna hai pata bhi nahi.

Here’s to the crazy ones…

Here’s to the crazy ones…
The misfits…
The rebels…
The trouble makers...
Round pegs in square holes…
Ones who see things differently…
They are not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo.
You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.
Because they change things…
Because they push the human race forward…
And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.
Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.


There are times when you are low. When you feel everything in the world is conspiring just against you. No matter how hard you try, you end up losing. Not once but a series of times. There are times when you feel you have nowhere to return to, nowhere to find recluse in.

There are days when you can’t sleep at night no matter how hard you try. You try and cocoon yourself, become lonely and stay to yourself. It is then that sadness sets in.

You don’t want to be near friends because of the fear of being judged. They might not be out judging or commenting on you but you are so occupied with your failures and sadness you can’t see beyond that. You don’t want to talk to your siblings because they just adore you and you don’t want to change that; at least not me. Your father is someone who pushes you all your life - towards success, towards victory. He is not one who can understand your losses, fears and hurts.

That leaves you with just one person in the whole world. Your mother. She is the only person who will never judge you, neither will her love wither with your failures or increase with your success. All she cares for is your happiness, your smile and you. Just having her around tells you that all will be fine, that everything is okay. The one moment when you put your head in her lap, that one moment when she gently caresses your head with all the love in the world, that one moment is worth anything in this world. She may not be able to help you with your troubles; maybe she may not be able to even understand them. But mothers have an assuring way by which they comfort you.

Maybe it’s called Unconditional Love.

I am lucky enough to have a mother who not only has done all this but much more. Still I haven’t had the most pleasant relationship with her. At least not one in which I can talk my heart out to her. I know she can even understand my fears, stand by me when needed and much more. But still… I cannot talk to her. Not on the phone… Right now only I know how badly I miss her. Ahh…

Meaningfull Happiness...

Somewhere I heard this eye opening statement “You are truly happy only if you live in the present. But to have a meaningful life you need to wallow in the past and obsess about the future. The choice then is whether you want to have a meaning life or be happy.”

My choice was not a conscious one. I have never lived in the present, not for a single whole day. Doesn’t mean I have a very meaningful life. I don’t think so. I mean bringing smiles to other people’s faces doesn’t count as one. Not that I make an effort to do so. So…

Thinking of it in the perspective of the opening statement, “Do I have a choice to change myself NOW? If yes what would my decision be?” I don’t think I NOW have much of a choice regarding what and who I am and how I think. I guess these decisions are unconsciously taken in our childhood when we are not Philosophical enough to understand the impact of our choices. Still…

Coming to the real question: “If I could make the choice now, what would it be - Happy or meaningful?"

Ah… I have managed to inflict so much pain upon myself thinking about the future or brooding over the past that I crave for pure unadulterated happiness. Ironically still, if I were to make a decision now, I would still choose a life of meaning – the meaning I want to give to it.

Addicted to Love...

All those who have been acquainted with my writings will agree that I write impersonally, even about the most personal things. Not a good thing to do, at my age I guess. Or maybe it’s just a sign of a philosopher in the making. Whatever…

Well, I had always believed that I would be in love with Meg Ryan till the end of my days. Why so? I don’t know. Somehow she (or the characters that she portrayed) managed to kindle the romantic in me – in a subtly different manner with each of her movies. The way she looks and feels when hopelessly in love (Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail or City of angels and many more...) brought to fore the hopeless romantic in me (pardon for the repetition of “less hope” or “romance” but I can’t find another word for it). The character she plays in City of Angles – Dr. Magi Rice happens to be my dream woman. That I am “hopelessly” in love with a doctor for god knows how many years is not just a coincidence I guess. Or was it the other way round?

I don’t think there ever was a guy who has not fallen in love with Meg Ryan. Her feminism, her smile, her laughter, her tears, her fears, just about everything makes you want to kiss her, hold her, be by her side all your life. Guess what; I have fallen in love with her even when she played a spying tomboy in Addicted to Love (that I chose this title is a tribute to her). She is the woman you fall in love with once and stay that way all your life. She is the woman you want to come home to every day. I guess that’s all I can write about love without getting sick.

Well that is not the end of the story, if ever there was one. All was going well with my romance with Meg Ryan (how imaginative, me in wonderland I suppose) till I watched a few movies of Meryl Streep. Inarguably the best actress of her time, still she never kindled in me any romantic fantasy. Neither did I swoon over her smile or laughter or anything. But she IS perfect; perfect in every sense that can be. She is the woman you can ADORE and ADMIRE. She is the woman who will be your strength, not weakness. She is the woman who you want as your best friend. She is the woman you want to grow old with. She is the woman you want to wake up every day with… Every Day…

Does this mean I am in love with two fantastic women at the same time? Am I allowed this?

Or is it three?

Absoluteness (beta version)

(Beta version simply means that the post is undergoing refinement.. Read on and post your valued suggestions.)

It can be said without any counter argument that even Truth is not absolute. I mean to say that every Truth is nothing but a perspective and no perspective the Absolute. Neither is money, success or anything for that matter. Everything in today’s artificial world has become relative – our success, the money that we make (I still don’t make any money !!!) and most alarmingly even our happiness.

Amongst all this pseudo truths and artificial lives, what then is absolute? Is there anything that can be classified as pure?

I feel that there is just one absolute truth in this world – our own happiness and joy; that we should be so happy that we don’t bother to measure it against anyone else’s happiness. Happiness and joy should come from within each of us and nothing else in the world should be able to guide it. No one or nothing should be able to hamper it in any way. To appreciate what I intend to blabber from here on you need to have the understanding of the difference between Pleasure, Happiness and Joy. All I can say is that they can be understood as the different levels of “purity” of the same thing in the increasing order; joy being the most unadulterated of them all.

What I propose to say is that for each of us, the only thing that should matter is our happiness. We should look for it only within ourselves. If we look for happiness elsewhere, the best we might be able to achieve is pleasure; mostly we end up being disappointed. Happiness lies within us waiting to be unleashed - Happiness, Absolute Happiness. And then when we are totally at peace with ourselves, we find Joy – pure, unadulterated bliss…..

Ban on LAN...

The fear which I had, just after the recent suicide, has materialized. The first lines I said after hearing the suicide about it was that LAN and internet in IIT are going to be banned (how insensitive of me!!!). It was not a random statement at all. The authorities needed a reason and the poor guy was in fact a gaming and movie freak. So here we are – on the verge of losing our oh-so-dear virtual lives.

The authorities have a reason to do so – that being that LAN has led to decreased academic interests and performance. The 80% attendance rule does force the students to attend lectures but they prefer to sleep through it rather listen. Once a child underperforms the system becomes draconian for him - Hence the depression and hence the suicide. So looking at it from this perspective, banning the LAN is hitting at the root and hence the best solution.

I suggest another perspective. The students coming to IIT are undoubtedly the best of the lot who chose to do engineering. And I guess IIT draws most of its reputation and pride from this. I assure you, everything else in IIT is just outdated and average compared to the world levels, some professors apart. So what is it that draws the best minds of the country towards gaming, movies and general “lukhkhagiri” on the internet? I believe that this should be the real question that should be asked, not just by the students but the authorities and the faculty.

I have no experience of the previous years but I am told that there used to be a wonderful interactive and friendly atmosphere some years back. Today what is left of it is the limited interaction in the classroom and a mutual hate once out of it. Okay, I agree that a teacher just cannot hate his students. But most students deride their professors. And we have professors who complain that the “quality” of students coming to IIT are not good enough anymore, that they are miffed why we no longer prefer engineering jobs and lots more. If the quality of students has decreased, then the JEE (the single greatest pride of the IIT’s) has failed blatantly. It kind of has become a mutual hate community, a kind of us against them.

Since the interaction has decreased, the faculty is no longer aware of the real needs of the students. I tell you many students after having taken JEE successfully, just want to relax and have a nice time because a number of years have been invested to get here. No games, no fun, and no girls in these JEE prep years, when we kids are supposed to have fun does take a toll. And IIT are not to blame for this. The intake to rejection ratio is just too high so the pressure and the requirements of JEE demand this. Anyways this is for the policy makers of the country to decide.

And then there is the conflict of desires of the students and the faculty. Before coming to IIT, the students (again, in general) are motivated because of the glamour, the money and the pride of being an IITian. Once the students are here, the motivation, the vision and the desire to achieve is gone. They know that even if they don’t learn, cramming before the exams will fetch them good enough grades for a decent job. The initial motives (those of before coming to IIT) are fulfilled without much effort, or thought. The algorithm for navigating through IIT academics is pretty simple if found out early. It is as simple as - get the best notes, do the tutorials, start cramming a week before the mid-sems and end-sems and you are through. The professors would like to see the students learn from their hard work in the lecture rooms and before it. They want their job to be professionally paying as well. They want to entice the students into research and development - nothing wrong in that. All I am saying is that there is no confluence of the ideas and desires of the two sects. But the way I see it, there is still hope. As I said earlier, the students lose vision and motivation once in IIT. IIT can show them this vision, this reason to excel; give them challenges outside the realm of the classrooms which will inspire these students into thought and action. The ways to do this can be definitely found if we set out to find it.

In IIT the pressures to perform, to be at the top, the expectation of being the best (both from parents and the society) are just too much. The academic pressure ain’t any less. The system of JEE and the subsequent admission to the IIT’s is such that many people do not get the branch of their choice (not that the choice is an educated one). And believe me; the professors (the lot) do not take the pains to see that every student is getting involved and interested in the course. No practicality and the use of the course are discussed in the lectures. No information is given which will amaze the student into studying it with interest. No matter how much the professors (the lot) complain about the students being too text-bookish, they too promote the same. Unfortunate but unfortunately true.

The number of student going into each IIT and each department is higher than that was in the previous years. So it is understandable that the professors cannot take care of each student. But tell me – how difficult it is to make the course more practical oriented. How tough is it to provide information about the applications of the course material which will amaze the students into self learning? There are professors who do this and believe me, even the hardcore gamers listen to them eyes wide open. A student takes around 50 courses in the whole stay at IIT – at least 6 courses a semester. The sheer amount of study to be done is mind boggling. I do not believe that we can learn all the six courses in the stipulated time of four months. In a semester of 4 months, 1 whole month is gone in the mid sems and the end sems. That leaves us with around 90 days for six courses i.e. 15 days for one course. 15 days to learn a course!!! Do we want to believe that courses can be “learnt” in 15 days? Do we want to believe that research is viable without us having learnt the requisite courses?

The accepted standard abroad is 4 courses per semester with a lot of flexibility in the course structure and selection. Most of the courses we take are core – agreed. But many of them can be clubbed together; some made electives – the idea is giving flexibility to the student to choose his courses, more so in light that many students do not get the branch of their choice.

IIT has not seen enough start ups from here (the way things happen in ivy league univs abroad) because I feel that the technological awareness is not world level and the lab facilities which usher innovation are not available here the way they are available abroad. Also the inquisitiveness of the mind is killed by the over burdening education system of this country. Almost everyone will agree that our country promotes an education centered on mugging up and scoring good marks instead of learning.

The list of troubles and problems can go on forever. The problems cannot be eradicated but better and more productive solutions can be found out. For this a deep, honest introspection is needed on both parts. Let us not pass the buck this time too and assume that the job is done. Let us understand the true nature of the problems being faced on each part and try to solve it so that we make this place conducive to learning. Let us try and make this a place where people are truly happy.

Simplifying Life... (beta version)

Beta version simply means that the post is undergoing refinement.. Read on and post your valued suggestions.

Sometime back I was watching this movie – “Waking Life”. It is a wonderful movie about a guy who cannot differentiate between reality and dream. So he sets out to solve the mystery and meets people in the process who talk and explain to him about reality, sub-reality and life. One person asks him this question - “The human values have remained the same in the past 2000 years - as they were in the days of Socrates and Co.. What then is the trait that stops us the most from achieving our true potential – fear or laziness?”

This question, though random as it may seem, set my mind on the course it is best at – philosophizing. Since then I have been thinking a lot of random ideas and though what I propose here does not give an exact answer to the question, it tries to give another reason why we have not achieved our true potential and why have the human virtues stayed the same?

This, I believe can be explained on the lines of evolution. Humans have evolved into this highly intelligent specie (intelligent only with reference to the sub humans, we do not as of this day know of some other evolved specie, hence the pride). But this has taken around 2 million years for us to evolve into this form - 2 million years for this intelligence to be attained. 2000 years is too little a phase in it. It is highly probable that 2000 years is insufficient time for such drastic changes - the elimination of laziness and fear to take place.

Anyways, that again is not the solution (if we consider it a problem). I believe is that the problem lies in our own minds. Scientists say that we are able to use only 4 – 10 percent of our mental capabilities. I just wish they are true because it gives us so much hope for the future. But of the 10 percent of the mind that we use, are we able to use the most of it for our good? Or do we end up wasting an exorbitant portion of what we have? I guess I made the statement a bit debatable, which I should have avoided, but I find some exponent of truth in it. I will try and explain.

We as humans are made of instincts, emotions and feelings. Okay – they actually are different and impact our thoughts in different magnitudes. Instinct is something which is hardwired into us. It is something that we are born with, we meaning all of us humans. And there are just a few instincts like – the sense of security, love, dislike etc. Fear may or may not be an instinct; it could be plugged with the security thing. I mean there are intrinsic to us humans. And then there are emotions. These include our desires, cravings, wants, anger, rage etc. There are lots of them to be mentioned here. Some are the nice and good ones – the ones which keep us happy. And there are some negative emotions like anger, jealousy, anxiety, desperation etc. It is the emotions and our instincts which determine what we feel at any instant. What else could possibly guide our feelings? And the feelings determine how we work and perform at any time.

I guess I am lost in my own words here so will try to simplify things. Our mind at this stage of evolution has certain limited capabilities. This limited capability is shared by instincts, emotions, feelings, our cravings and the most important one – our creative capabilities. It is this creative capability of the mind which when used gives us the greatest pleasure and happiness. I guess I cannot explain the nature of happiness but it is of the highest kind- pure unadulterated happiness. Each one experiences this pleasure in different things. And to attain that pleasure, is to me, the motive of life. Analyzing the working of our minds we realize that if we could allocate more of our brain space to our creative instincts, we would be much happier and would be true to our natural selves.

Instincts are hardwired into us. They occupy not much space in the conscious and the sub-conscious mind but we have not much control over them. We can alter the extent of the impact of our instincts; we can hone them but not change them much. It is the emotions which occupy a lot of space in our sub-conscious and the conscious. And the feelings occupy a lot of our conscious, especially the negative ones. Feelings like anger, hate, dislike, jealousy have the potential to capture the whole working space of our mind. Our decisions get directed by them which could be really harmful at times. So the idea here is that if we can eliminate the negative emotions from our thought process we could be able to allocate a larger portion of our active brain for the creative processes. It is not as easy as said. But on second thought it is not that tough either. It is as simple as staying true to our natural selves – trusting our instincts, keeping our emotions simple and pure, understanding the motive of life and trying to use our creativity to the extreme limits.

Okay, I have the capacity to come up with weird theories and this is just one of them. I feel that we have two types of emotions – the ones that come naturally to us and those which we learn as we grow. Love is a natural emotion, so much so that I prefer to call it an instinct. There are so many of them. I guess I will have to look up the thesaurus for them. It is like we have our instincts which breed emotions in us. These emotions are the guiding light for our feelings. If a person is happy, he will be excited and exuberant. Happiness is an emotion, excitement and exuberance are feelings. And so every act he does, he will do it with excitement and hence do it better than if we were feeling low or sad. We cannot deny that emotions and feelings can have a huge impact upon us.

So if we can unlearn the negative emotions or reduce the impact they have upon us we can allocate more mind-space to our creative thoughts and creative processes. Hence we will be happier and hence do every creative process with excitement and hence do our tasks much better. I guess you too can see a vicious circle of happiness. Or should we call it Bliss…