Absoluteness (beta version)

(Beta version simply means that the post is undergoing refinement.. Read on and post your valued suggestions.)

It can be said without any counter argument that even Truth is not absolute. I mean to say that every Truth is nothing but a perspective and no perspective the Absolute. Neither is money, success or anything for that matter. Everything in today’s artificial world has become relative – our success, the money that we make (I still don’t make any money !!!) and most alarmingly even our happiness.

Amongst all this pseudo truths and artificial lives, what then is absolute? Is there anything that can be classified as pure?

I feel that there is just one absolute truth in this world – our own happiness and joy; that we should be so happy that we don’t bother to measure it against anyone else’s happiness. Happiness and joy should come from within each of us and nothing else in the world should be able to guide it. No one or nothing should be able to hamper it in any way. To appreciate what I intend to blabber from here on you need to have the understanding of the difference between Pleasure, Happiness and Joy. All I can say is that they can be understood as the different levels of “purity” of the same thing in the increasing order; joy being the most unadulterated of them all.

What I propose to say is that for each of us, the only thing that should matter is our happiness. We should look for it only within ourselves. If we look for happiness elsewhere, the best we might be able to achieve is pleasure; mostly we end up being disappointed. Happiness lies within us waiting to be unleashed - Happiness, Absolute Happiness. And then when we are totally at peace with ourselves, we find Joy – pure, unadulterated bliss…..

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