What or who is God? What is his importance? Why did he create this world? If not he/she, then who? Is he the Supreme? Or is he just a belief? Is he just an imagination of the mortal human mind?

When put with the same question I would answer as God is the single greatest creation of the man; a very wise one at that. What better way to control the lesser mortals than the fear of a supreme power who created the world and is keeping a constant vigil; that every wrong deed had to be answered in the court of God. What better support for a man than God? That God will guide through the tough times. That he stands by us through thick and thin. What better way to explain death than to say God needed him/her? God is the answer to everything that this mortal mind and science cannot explain.

Looking at this then from the wise mans perspective; God is FAITH in powers higher than our own. God is just a belief. He exists only in our mind. What then is the need for God? Why not have faith on ourselves instead of looking it elsewhere? Why not accept death as an act of nature - the single best tool of evolution? Why not be conscious of the right and wrong? Why look for sanctification of every one of our deeds? Why not have an unshakeable value system instead?

Well that leaves us with a clear answer. God is just a belief, the strongest one. But the wise man needs his divine presence to keep order in this world of chaos.

One question remains unanswered still – who created this world and this beautiful thing called Life? Most definitely not man or his imagination. Science might answer the formation of the universe. But the creation of Life still remains a mystery – both to the scientists and the philosophers. This is the only reason I cannot deny the existence of God.

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LilOne said...

i dont really know whether i believe in god or not. wen i am happy, i dont really think about him (if he exists) or wish him to be near me. but when i am sad, or in some trouble, or i really need some "external help" i remember him. and its always like this. through my tears n anguish i always think "if i only remember him in times of need, will he or does he ever listen to me?" but i have felt a strange calm come over me in these times of despair. giving me strength, to go on carry on and which tells me: let it be :)

and letting it be has really solved a lot of problems. and there are days when i think, that i am spiritual but not religious at all. we see invocation of god in many things, but one thing which i really consider him to be synonymous with is religion and therefore morality. it is more like we make god exist as the distinguishing factor for laying down principles on which to judge things right or wrong. good or bad.

i dont really know if i make sense or not. :)

as for how life came about....evolution of the living species? there is a lovely book here for reference, altho it doesnt really describe the evolution process. but is a wonderful reading: Kunal Basu's Racists. oh yes, there is also the theory of the survival of the fittest :)