Blogs No More....

I haven’t blogged in a long long time and in the meanwhile have been coaxed, cajoled and persuaded to write. Well, my standard argument has been that I have run out of ideas and I ain’t that self obsessed to write about myself.

Trust me fellas (my readership is confined to at best couple of good friends, nothing more) I actually have run out of ideas. It’s not that I have nothing to say, but I somehow feel a futility in my writing blogs. I don’t see any purpose in it.

Okay, if I were analyzing myself, I could access that blogging was just another of my phases – fall in love with a thing for a while and when something new comes along, lose the steam for the old one. I hope my girlfriend (if and when) does not read this or she definitely wouldn’t like the pattern.

No no, it’s not that something new has come along – no new love. Writing is one of those things I know will stay with me for life. I love to write, tell the world how I think (more so if I think differently). I believe that I do have at least some things to say to this world, the people and make my own little contribution. Just that blogging has in course failed to give me the impetus to keep writing. “Have something to say, I will say even if you listen or not” is not exactly my philosophy.

Anyways I guess my posts were either too personal (a few) or philosophical or something random. Hardly the Masala for a successful blog. I guess I will have to re-invent myself to get the blog going.

So fellas (yeah the same good old coupla good friends) you will have to wait for me find some sense of humor or just live with occasional, maybe preachy posts.

I could have called you guys up and told you these non consequential words. But hey, this ways at least you get what you wanted.

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