Of absoluteness of love..

Come think of it, our life has been reduced to so much petty competition. All that matters is better grades, better degrees, better jobs, better home, better car, and a hot spouse. Somehow along the lines of evolution and the so called 'survival of the fittest', we as humans have ingrained competitiveness amongst ourselves. We have learnt to measure our lives relative to those others around us. In its defense, it has worked more or less just fine till now.

But the sad part is that we have become so accustomed to measuring our lives against others that we derive pleasure only by satisfying our notion of being or having better. What we so effortlessly forget is that in true terms happiness isn't relative, neither is life. Yes, competition brings out the best amongst us but it should stop there - improving ourselves. True happiness can be found only by being at peace with oneself, in confluence with our instincts and emotions, being true to our natural self. And trust me, pleasure isn't even a distant relative of true happiness or joy.

What's more saddening is that we have allowed this to pervade even our most basic of emotions - love. The most common 'underlying' reason for break-ups is "I can get better." Is this how shallow we have become? Sometimes I feel like the "good old, all conquering" unconditional love is all but lost, left for a few to keep the concept alive. I for one, know just one love. For me there aren't different ways of loving. Love is just love - you can't lay limits or boundaries or conditions on it. Love need not just be the girl/boy in your life, it's also about what you love to do, what quenches your passions, what makes your heart skip a beat.

How then can you rationalize your love, loving only when there might be appropriate payback or loving the so called 'best you could get'? In doing so, isn't the beauty of love and life itself is lost somewhere? I know, I know, this will once again be one of my self righteous, purist, idealistic rants, but I know no other way. It's a small life we've got. I intend to live it to the extreme, living and loving each one and each moment the most I can, surrounded by things and people that I love. Completely...

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