I do have a blog; mostly dormant now, though. I don't know why I have not been able to put down a few words once in a while. I believe writing can be best assessed in terms of language and content. A great idea not conveyed well will hardly appeal to anyone. A well worded piece not conveying some meaning has little value. Evaluating any piece is a subjective choice, but I believe any good work ranks high on both.

Herein lays my problem. I cannot write unless I have something to say - my own thought, a better understanding of something, or just my views. Sometimes when I do get down to writing something, I feel language fails me or rightly put I fail language. Of the few that I do manage to finish, I get this lingering feeling that it’s not good enough, not yet complete. Seems I am stuck at in an unhappy, conflicted place, with no clue how to break free.

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Minakshi said...

Why bother so much.
Sometimes a few unfinished lines say so much...

Look at the post below this one.
Do I need say more?