New Toy... :)

I guess I hardly ever bothered to blog about objects, let alone my objects d'desire. But this one I am because, well, I am blogging using it. My new toy, Nokia E72.

Simply put, I felt it was the answer to all my gadget woes. Seems so, since here I am, sitting at the airport cafe sipping coffee, swooning to the tunes of Dire Straits, bragging to the world about this sleek toy in my hand.

One of the primary reasons I wanted this phone is because I can take it out anywhere and punch down my thoughts. Many a times I would get lost in my thoughts, feel the need to put it down, but would completely forget about it by the time I could lay my hands on a comp. I am able to put pieces this long down means I wasn't entirely misguided in my idea.

Now this post is about the phone so some critical analysis is justified. It is built like a tank; solid, sturdy feel to it, just the way I like it. Key board is easy to get used to, and soon I will start pushing for speed. Screen is good. Fast proc, so overall functioning is slick. Has a dedicated music chip and i found the sound to be better than my iPod classic. But the ear phones supplied are no good for me. Has active noise canceling, and I am pretty happy with the call quality. As for the cons, Symbian is intuitive, but the interface needs to be redesigned for speed. Camera is high res but slow response makes it one of the low points. But the most niggling thing is the Ovi suite - the syncing software. It is very counter intuitive, slow, and syncing music is a nightmare. But once I have gotten my music sorted, it should be okay. But Nokia needs to get that right to compete with Apple in the smart phone market. I hope they do, because this is beauty of a gadget.

Now I should stop drooling over it, or I will miss my flight...

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