I am flawed. I make mistakes. Sometimes inadvertently, sometimes knowingly.
I hurt people. I can be harsh. Sometimes unknowingly, sometimes deliberately.
I brood. I sulk. I prefer solitude. I push people away. Mostly because I can't stand them.
I do what I feel like. Even if I know it will lead to trouble. I am stubborn. Perhaps arrogant.

I want to fly. I know I might fall. I still want to. For the sake of it. To see where I can go.
I love extremes. I dwell in passions. Having something to die for makes you feel truly alive.
I am not nice. I am not good. I am just me. With my idiosyncrasys and my peccadillos.
I don't know how could have I been different. Or better. Perhaps I could. But this is who I am.
This is how I'll be...