Lost and Found

Sitting on a rock between the two streams, half way down the waterfall I had just climbed down, I paused to look up. Sun pouring through the leaves, rhythm of water hitting the rocks, occasional chirping of birds; all combined to give a sense of serenity not found in the humdrums of life. The feeling seemed so alien, I felt lost. I had not felt this way in a long time, probably in a different life. I felt united with nature, as if we could communicate at that moment; as if it were calling me to become one with it.

A sense of calm engrossed me, as if nothing but the moment mattered. There was no room for stress, headaches, jobs, and other details which tend to be our lives. I felt invigorated, almost enthralled. I hadn’t felt so energetic in years. Mind you, we had hiked twice the day before, and I hadn’t even jogged for over two years. I don’t know what possessed me; I started climbing the waterfall, opposite to the falling water. I just needed to know I could do it. One slip and I would have been at the bottom of the pit. But the risks didn’t matter. I needed to know I had life left in me; the sheer will that makes you do the impossible.

We might philosophize as much we want, and rationalize our actions and our life choices, but moments like these that make life worth living. I wish they weren’t so far and few in between…

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