Built and Re-built like a Tank..

My laptop is about to turn 5, which is like centuries in the digital world. It has seen Windows XP being run on it like Windows Server (didnt shut if off for weeks), Gentoo compiled on it for 4 consecutive days and then removed the next because the power controls wouldn't work, and finally settling on to the breezy Windows 7.
In the meantime, it has broken down, in bits, and been resurrected umpteen number of times. Here's a snapshot:
  1. Mother Board changed Once (it hadn't failed... Only God knows why they changed it)
  2. Hard Drive changed Twice (just to add storage, no failures ever)
  3. RAM size Tripled (just for speed)
  4. CD Drive changed Once
  5. LCD Screen changed Once
  6. Hinge changed Once
  7. Heat Sink changed Thrice
  8. Battery changed Twice
  9. Key Board changed Once 
  10. Adaptor changed Once 
So to sum it up, apart from the WiFi card and the casing, nothing in my machine is what it came with. And yet it does everything I need like a workhorse. Can't imagine my life without it.
Dear Laptop, you are deeply cherished...